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Camp in the comfort of home!

At Berry Creek Cabins, putting guests first and giving them an incredible experience has been what it’s all about since the beginning. Comfortably nestled within the woods of Louisiana near Bogalusa, the grounds of Berry Creek cover seven stunning acres of land with cabins that are much more than simply temporary vacation spots. Instead, they are idyllic hideaways – the ultimate homes away from home – and a place you and your family can truly enjoy spending quality time with one another.

From the moment you arrive at Berry Creek Cabins, you’ll revel in the splendor of the natural sights, smells and sounds. From majestic oaks hanging overhead to a string of peaceful ponds nearby, Berry Creek’s location offers guests a front-row view of the hidden gems of Bogalusa and much more. In fact, each and every cabin comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and full laundry, as well as access to a vibrant bar and lounge area on-site.

But while cabins may vary in size – capable of accommodating anywhere between four and 12 guests at one time – they maintain the same standard of quality and class. What’s more? Every Berry Creek guest is welcome to relax or mingle out on the 2,700-square-foot deck and indoor pavilion. These are especially popular destinations on serene summer days, where groups can gather to play games and enjoy the crisp, fresh air.

Looking for adventure? No problem! From canoeing and kayaking to volleyball and soccer, Berry Creek offers a wide range of activities, all only a stone’s throw away from your cabin site.

Don’t spend another day dreaming of when to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Located a little more than an hour away from New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Berry Creek Cabins will give you the perfect reprieve you deserve without the added expense of faraway travel.

We’re always happy to help our guests plan their dream vacation, and we’re here for any questions that come up along the way. When you’re ready to plan your cabin rental getaway in Bogalusa, Louisiana, call Berry Creek Cabins at 985-730-4395.

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